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HTM Kennel Club Listed

HTM (Heelwork to Music)

Otherwise known as Dog Dancing with a mixture of tricks.

First of all it is for everyone.


Fun Only

Teaching your dog the basics of HTM i.e. Twisting, Spinning, Leg Weaving etc. Even having fun, there are certificates that can be awarded and levels to achieve.

Fun & Progress Awards

So much to choose. A short routine in either Freestyle, Heelwork, Dressage or Dances. Put on before the judges with possible rosettes and certificates

Want more! Competition

The categories are the same as above, choose what you would like to partner your dog in, choose the music and a theme, and have fun getting your routine ready.

Lynda with Tara
Reverse round from Remy
Debbie & Mouse
Lynda Pick a Pocket.jpg
Lynda & Tara performing Pick a Pocket
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