Treibball at Staines Dog Training

Also known as Urban Herding & Dog Football

Treibball (pronouced Tryball) originated in Germany when Dutch dog trainer Jan Nijboer watched his Australian Cattle Dogs push their rubber water dishes around the field after finishing herding lessons and wondered if the dogs would also push large exercise balls around. He introduced the game to his herding students, and Treibball was an instant hit, spreading quickly throughout Germany, Amsterdam and Sweden, where the first official competition was held in 2007. America started taking an interest around 2008-9 and the American Treibball Association was set up in 2010 with rules and competitions started that year. 

Not so widely used here in the UK I wanted to try it. I have 6 dogs & they all enjoy the fun of this great sport (even my Papillon). So my next move was to teach it, and see how other people enjoyed Treibball with their dogs, needless to say it has taken off. 2020 has so far proved a stressful year for people, I wanted to bring something new they could share with their dogs.


At present I am running a class monthly on a Saturday