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Karen Howard

Student Liaison Lead/Family Support

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead 

In September 2017 Reach Academy decided it would be a great idea to get a school puppy, we thought it would be an even better idea if we could get pupils from the school who were lacking confidence, vulnerable children or children who just needed a bit of time out from the classroom to help with the puppy training. 


We contacted Lynda who now runs Staines Dog Training and from the offset we clicked with this lovely trainer.


Lynda came to our school and met the children, and of course the puppy called Bear.



 We started training every Thursday afternoon for one hour and the children absolutely loved it. Every week Lynda would have a new skill for them and the puppy to learn and it kept everyone engaged for an hour. Not only did we learn how to train the puppy but we were also taught how to care for him and look after his coat and health needs. The children got a chance to ask questions about looking after puppies and every week it was knowledgeable and fun.


Bear was the perfect puppy student and soon received his Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Puppy Certificate and Rosette this was followed by his Bronze and Silver KC Awards.  To top it all off we all got to meet the Duchess of Cambridge when she visited our school in February 2018. 

Barry & Chester.jpg

Barry & Chester

I have two young English Springer Spaniels (both rescue) Bella & Chester who was blind from birth. Thanks to Lynda Chester has achieved his Silver Kennel Club Award and where he was frightened of most things due to his dreadful first few months before he was rescued, he is now a very happy & contented dog. Bella at present has achieved her Bronze and will soon be taking her Silver KC exam. Lynda believes in small classes so the dogs and their owners get as much attention as possible, unlike other dog trainers that have very large classes and the owners don't get the attention they feel they deserve. I have rescued Springer Spaniels for over thirty years and I find Lynda one of the very best.

Claudia & KT.jpg

Claudia & KT

My puppy and I started to go to Lynda's Classes when she was 14 weeks old. To be honest, we did not quite know what we looking for or what to expect. Now she is almost 2 years old and both of us have learned so much more than basic obedience. In fact I have probably learned more than my puppy as Lynda makes sure to teach the handler responsible dog ownership and how to correctly handle and train their dogs. The classes are small and everybody gets a chance to get to know each other. The atmosphere is very friendly and comfortable, no question is to stupid and any concerns are discussed and explained in the group using Lynda's vast experience. The training exercises are fun and creative. Lynda always has something new up her sleeve that is a challenge for dog and owner. By introducing elements from Heelwork to Music and Agility she also adds different flavours to the "normal" training courses. The way Lynda manages to turn training exercises into a fun experience is just perfect and both my dog and I look forward to "puppy classes" every week. Lynda runs her own training scheme based on the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme but with far more points to cover. If you are uncomfortable with tests there is nothing to worry about as the tests are part of the normal course. This is to keep track of your achievements and something to work towards to. If you want to get the Kennel Club's Good Citizen Dog Scheme then Lynda can arrange for a judge to come by and test you. She will make sure you are ready and provide you with all the help you need. I cannot recommend Lynda enough. For us this is the best class we could have gotten into. Although KT has passed Lyn's Gold and the Kennel Club GCDS Gold and almost 2 years have passed we are still going to mixed class for Heelwork to Music and Obedience because it's a fun thing to do and we thoroughly enjoy the classes, the training and the social component very much. Thank you Lynda

Jill Koops.JPG

Jill Koops

We were the proud owners of  a cockapoo who turned out to be the liveliest puppy on the planet. Exhausting and somewhat worrying fearing that we going to have a challenging time turning the little puppy into a well adjusted dog. We were extraordinarily lucky enough to be recommended to Lynda. She has turned our dog into a wonderful and loving dog who is well on her way into becoming an obedient little treasure (which we thought would be virtually impossible). Believe me, we couldn't have done this without Lynda's skill and patience in teaching us and the dog how to work with each other. Lynda has a magical touch which is both assertive, kind and humorous. She has such empathy with the dogs as well as with her clients to whom she is always so welcoming. We shall continue to go to classes not only for the dog but also because Lynda makes them such fun! Keep up the marvellous work Lynda.


I was a bit worried when we got our Labradoodle as I have never owned a dog before, but luckily we were recommended Lynda. She has managed to turn our lively puppy into a well behaved dog who we are proud to be owners of. The classes are relaxed and we never felt out of place or uncomfortable, Lynda has a way in teaching us and our dog that gets results without seeming to be overbearing and manages to make the classes fun. I have no problem with recommending her to anyone. Keep up the good work and many thanks Lynda.  Mandy


Can’t speak highly enough of Lynda, she has helped enormously with my Lab puppy. She puts the pup first and her reward based training really helps in gaining the full attention of an excitable pup. Couldn’t recommend enough!

Simon Stearne

Thank you so much Lynda you have been great in helping us understand and train our puppy Border Collie Blue, who was a bit more of a hand full than we might have first imagined. Your services definitely go the extra mile with the out of hours telephone consultations, tea, biscuits and care. You are quite amazing at how you understand dogs, your love for them is clear as is their love for you. We have very much appreciated your time and would highly recommend you to anybody struggling with a naughty puppy

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